Cake stand: A row over a wedding cake pits religious liberty against LGBT rights

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THE contours of two First Amendment rights—freedom of speech and the free train of faith—will likely be on the Supreme Court’s plate on December fifth when the justices take up Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a key battle over same-sex marriage. This submit examines the faith query; subsequent week, your blogger will have a look at the difficulty of free speech.The battle in Masterpiece Cakeshop dates to 2012, when Charlie Craig and David Mullins had been purchasing for a wedding cake and walked into a bakery close to Denver, Colorado. Jack Phillips, the proprietor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, instructed the couple he could be prepared to promote them a birthday cake or some cookies however that he doesn’t, as a coverage, “provide cakes for same-sex weddings”. Mr Phillips, a Christian who “strives to honour God in all aspects of his life”, considers homosexual marriage “sacrilegious” and refuses “to express through his art an idea about marriage that conflicts with his religious beliefs”.In many corners of America, the encounter may need ended there. But in Colorado and 20 different states, public lodging legal guidelines prohibit companies from refusing service to folks on the idea of their sexual orientation (amongst different identification markers). So after the couple complained to the state’s civil rights company, Mr …

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