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When we sleep, our organism goes by totally different phases of sleep, nevertheless the mind stays interconnected during non-REM sleep, which was thought to not occur. The discovering by a European workforce of researchers has additionally made it attainable to analyse the scientific foundation of consciousness, an more and more essential subject of neuroscience.

Sleep is composed of assorted cycles by which there are totally different levels: sluggish and fast-wave, which make up non-REM sleep and REM sleep. During the evening, it is regular to expertise 4 or 5 full cycles, every lasting round ninety minutes.

Various investigations have proven that communication between totally different areas of the cerebral cortex is interrupted during non-REM sleep and likewise when a affected person is underneath anaesthesia, as a result of lack of consciousness.

“It was thought that the brain disconnected during non-REM sleep and that the individual areas could no longer communicate effectively,” defined Umberto Olcese, a researcher from the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Olcese and the remainder of the analysis workforce (which concerned researchers from the European CANON undertaking and that was led by Prof. Cyriel Pennartz, who participates within the European Flagship Human Brain Project) have found that not all types of communication inside the cerebral cortex are misplaced during non-REM sleep. Specifically, correlations are preserved between neurons situated inside particular person areas and between some subpopulations of neurons situated in numerous cerebral areas.

To attain these conclusions, revealed in ‘The Journal of Neuroscience‘, the researchers studied how the mind regulates the neuronal connections of the neocortex and hippocampus in rats.

Advances within the research of consciousness

In a second investigation revealed in the identical journal, a workforce of investigators from the Human Brain Project and the CANON undertaking analysed the state of consciousness from a neuroscience perspective.

Although traditionally this idea has been studied from a philosophical standpoint, consultants have reviewed varied scientific research which mirror the significance of a correct communication between cortical areas within the course of.

“Neuroscientific research on consciousness driven by new methods and theoretical advances should be increasingly robust and accepted, since notable scientific and clinical progress is now starting to be made,” the authors identified.

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