For richer: Marriage in the West

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In rich international locations, marriage is now not a ceremony of passage however an indication of getting arrived

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For richer

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The West

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A looser knot

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For richer

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Joining the uxariat

Joining the uxariat

IN A CLASSROOM in southern England, a bunch of 17-year-old ladies has simply discovered one thing extraordinary. The pupils are interviewing a pair, Jane and Graham Marshall, who’ve been despatched to their college by the Students Exploring Marriage Trust, a charity that tries to advertise wedlock by offering youngsters with real-life examples. Mr Marshall has talked about that he has been married to Mrs Marshall for 48 years. “Aww,” say the ladies. Then they cease to assume, as a result of Jane and Graham don’t look terribly previous. Hold on, asks one pupil after a couple of seconds—how previous …

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