Jurisprudence in the EU: Greece prepares to do away with compulsory sharia in Western Thrace

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AS PART of a passionate marketing campaign to remedy an apparently non-existent drawback, American state legislatures have been introduced, over the previous decade, with at the least 120 payments that sought to outlaw the follow of sharia, the Islamic authorized system, and 15 of them have been enacted. With or with out these legal guidelines, America’s attachment to its personal structure and judicial and authorized system appears fairly sturdy.Things usually are not fairly so clear-cut on the different aspect of the Atlantic. Thanks to a vagary of historical past, there’s one little patch of the European Union the place sharia has hitherto held sway, not as a self-imposed code of behaviour however as a system underneath which Muslim residents have been pressured to regulate their enterprise, particularly involving inheritance. That area is Western Thrace, part of Greece adjoining the land border with Turkey. Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s leftist prime minister, is about to introduce laws that may change that odd state of affairs.The scenario has its roots in regional historical past. Back in 1923, when Greece and Turkey have been negotiating a large, compulsory swap of non secular minorities, it was agreed that two communities would have an distinctive proper to stay the place they lived: the Greek group of Istanbul (outlined moderately narrowly) and the Muslims of Western Thrace, …

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