Morocco: Visa For Music showcases Africa and Middle-East artists

The 2017 Visa For Music (VFM) has taken place within the Moroccan metropolis of Rabat, Morocco. VFM is a world music honest selling music from Africa and the Middle East. It can also be a discussion board to trade know-how about bettering administration within the music trade and competition enterprise.

Amongst these participating was ‘The Messengers of Messages’ a pan-African group whose messages — within the spirit of former South African president Nelson Mandela — are these of peace, unity, forgiveness and the reconciliation of the African continent.

Prince H. Malatsi, the group’s chief, is from South Africa, and defined to Euronews why the band got here to Visa For Music.

“Well, the business actually is really to make sure that we collaborate and we have a vehicle to travel around the world to spread our message,” Malatsi mentioned.

Kora virtuoso Sékou Kouyaté is from Guinea however lives in France, he’s higher recognized in Europe than in Africa.

Carolina Vallejo, Kouyaté‘s Danish supervisor, appeared upbeat after his efficiency.

“It went really well, I think we had a lot of people and they liked it and we got invited for many festivals and tours,” Vallejo advised Euronews.

Francky Kanza, from Republic of the Congo, had simply launched his second album. He shared his honest sales space with Moroccan-based singer Seham Diminick from Ivory Coast, who has simply launched her new album.

“We are looking for producers, promoters, and true managers who can put us on the big stage and at big venues,” Kanza advised Euronews.

Catalan group ‘Doctor Prats’ shaped two years in the past. It has launched two albums and toured Spain, France, Hungary and Japan earlier this yr.

They thrilled the viewers with their energetic live performance through the ‘Music For Visa’ honest.

“Oh well this is an opportunity for us to play in Africa, its our first time we are playing here and we know there is a lot of people here with are really influential, so may be we can get some gigs somewhere in Africa after playing here and we will see if there is something coming up in the future,” band musician Miki Santamaria mentioned.

‘Agadirlive’ promotes and manages musicians from Agadir. Mehdi Ouhaddi represented two artists who carry out within the Berber language: a younger rapper and singing poet. He shared his sales space with Londoner Gareth Messam who represents a metal drummer.

“We did a lot of business, we have got few blocking agents on board, lots of collaborations to do people gonna do – before we leave, we leave next week we good do some recordings and we some lives as well,” Messam advised Euronews.

Mokoomba, from Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, performs in English and numerous African languages.

They have already got a number of European excursions behind them. Now they’re selling their newest album, launched earlier this yr.

Lmoutchou is large in Morocco: he raps within the Moroccan Arab dialect Darija. Euronews requested him if he thinks his music may very well be exported outdoors Morocco.

“We don’t understand certain languages but we manage to feel when the artist is strong – in my case its the same when I perform for foreigners, those people know I have something to say, they feel I have to present something which is structured and well composed.”

About 2,000 professionals from the worldwide music enterprise attended “Visa For Music”

“Most countries in Africa and the Middle East are in the news when it’s about war, violence and misery. But those countries also want to share their cultural values. Visa For Music is certainly a perfect platform for those international artists to find contacts, to travel around the world, showcase their art and another side of their countries,” reported Euronews’s Wolfgang Spindler.

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