Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Game’s Switch Launch Trailer Posted – News

Game launches on Switch on Thursday

MAGES. started streaming the launch trailer on Sunday for the Nintendo Switch launch of the Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds sport. The sport will likely be accessible for the Switch worldwide on Thursday beneath the title Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive.

MAGES./5pb. describes the sport:

A mysterious man often known as the Phantom has woke up and hatches a plan to unseal his darkish powers. By giving historic weapons often known as the F.A. (Fu-mantion Artifacts) to youths with particular talents, he convinces them to battle one another with the promise to grant the needs of the victors. However, every time the Fu-mantion Artifacts are utilized in battle, the house-time continuum weakens. This creates a rift between two parallel worlds, which is able to inevitably unseal the Phantom’s powers.

Waka, the daughter of the Kumon Family, a clan tasked with defending the world from the Phantom, and her pal Mikoto, try and cease him. However, the Phantom manages to flee and kidnaps Waka’s youthful sister, Nagi. Waka and Mikoto, together with Itsuki, the self-proclaimed “Ally of Justice” and Yuzuha, a ninja unpersuaded by the lure of the Phantom, set off to rescue Nagi and cease his nefarious plan.

The sport launched on XBox Live Arcade in 2013, and can also be accessible on PS Vita, PC, and PS4.

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