Yes, your wine glass keeps getting bigger

If you drink wine, there’s a great likelihood you measure consumption by the glass.

Here’s why that’s problematic: Modern wine glasses are seven occasions bigger than these of centuries in the past—and notably bigger than glasses which can be simply 20 years previous, based on a brand new research.

Researchers on the University of Cambridge analyzed greater than 400 vintage and trendy wine glasses, together with a few of varied British monarchs, and decided the typical and median measurement of glasses has elevated progressively because the 1700s, however with a “more marked” bump within the 1990s, per NBC News.

Centuries in the past, wine glasses held about 2.2 ounces on common, experiences Quartzy. But by 2000, they held about 10 ounces, per the BBC. Today they maintain greater than 16 ounces, or about half a liter, based on the research within the British Medical Journal.

Wine consumption has equally elevated, quadrupling in Britain between 1960 and 1980, then doubling once more from 1980 to 2004, per the Guardian. Researchers counsel a hyperlink between the elevated consumption and bigger glasses, arguing that individuals pour extra wine into a bigger glass, which makes the quantity appear lower than if it had been in a smaller glass. (The researchers centered on the Brits, however they are saying pattern within the US towards bigger glasses doubtless had an affect.) Some say different components clarify why individuals are consuming out of bigger glasses, with wine knowledgeable Miles Beale noting that they permit wine to aerate, “something which perhaps wasn’t a priority 300 years ago.” (Avoid merlot? You may wish to rethink.)

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